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 You're My Endless Love

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MesajKonu: You're My Endless Love   You're My Endless Love Icon_minitimePtsi Nis. 25, 2011 11:41 am

1. Chapter (Angel-A)

yorobun! It's my first fanfic so i'm not sure it's good enough. Actually I only
make fictions but not writing part. Ah, i'm really bad at writing stuff
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hope you'll
like it. I decided to make something about super junior's songs so i choosed
their a few songs and I make up one story ^^ First is Angela~ I love every
single SuJu song but i don't know why i'm always listening Angela and watching
premium live in Japan performance. I think it's the reason why i chosed to
start story with it. And probably i made lots of gramer mistakes so forgive me.
Joengmal mianhe!!

You may
listen this songs while reading;

SHINee: Life
- Hana

SuJu: Why i
like you,

Brothers ft. Jay Park: I want to cry

Big Bang:



Again i'm
hearing that angelic voice. It's getting worse as the time passes by. Now, even
when I'm awake, I still hear her in my head- in my mind.


It's far
away more then being imagination. Then i opened my eyes and saw her standing
next to me. So bright that i couldn't look directly, like sun rising from the
sky. She was coming to me from the heaven. My angel. I was speechless..

"I was
looking for you. Tell me what the hell are you doing HERE!?"

I kept looking at her like i hadn't heard what she said. Really why am i here?
At the roof, lying on the ground and watching the blue sky.

good morning? We are graduating, remember? Or, does Mr Lee prefer to be brought
his diploma by the side of his feet by the teachers?" again that sarcastic
tone like usual. I was waiting for it already. I'm used to it, anyway.

So, it's
time. The -graduate- thing has come. That's why i'm here actually. To
think about what she said to me last night at the patio, 'she will be
leaving after the party' made me throw myself here. It's like a piece of me is
dying inside of me. To the oversea, America! The country where she has come
from and she is returning back now.Then why on earth did she get into my life?!

I still
remember like it were yesterday, the day high school started, she came to my
class as a tranfer student. It was the first time i saw her; Smooth line body
exact fit in uniform, caramel-brown hair at waist -curling up on shoulders,
amber eyes and the most beautiful smile i've ever seen in my life... I couldn't
breath for a long time until she started to speak. "Annyeonghaseyo, Park
Angela-imnida. I'm coming from America, mannaseo bangapseumnida. Please take
care of me." I thought my heart stopped beating. Her voice was a melody on
my ears.

It wasn't
only physical appearance, after i had started to know her soul better; the way
she speaks, the way she laughes, the things she likes, the things she hates...
It was everything i wanted to keep on living. I was watching her from the
behind, but one day, such a cute and charming person became a friend of
someboy like me. I was a silent type; who likes his loneliness, isn't
interested in girls -just for information: i'm not gay but you know girls are
nuisance and betrayel creatures at least those times it was what i'm thinking.
Actually you may think i'm looking good and somehow has a secret popularity
among girls-, always sleeping during lessons with headphone etc. Still i don't
know why she was being so nice and carring to me.

All this
times we were together, like really being toghether. Whenever i fought with
some jerks she was the one who healed me. The one who walks with me, sitting
beside me. Just a little smile -my angel's smile- is enough to erase everything
and her laugh was the life energy for me. Runing around like crazies, staying
all night at central park untill the morning, making her mother almost
heartattack because of her exam mark -to save me from fail class, she switched
names on the exam paper so she got a F-, getting a part time job just to can
buy front seat tickets for FT.Island concert and the other things..

All of them
is OK but the hardest part to see her in pain... I've always been her secret
keeper -crying shoulder. But she was crying for another man, for an asshole!
Someone makes her suffer and i can't stop it but only listening... At the end
of our second year at highschool they started to date. That guy -Siwon- is the
captain of our loveable school's baseball team. Isn't it perfect! Everyone's #1
couple, popularity rank 100%. Let's envy them all together. Oh, c'mon dude

It became
our routine;

* Angela -
Siwon starts to go out

* They hang
out together all lovey-dovey while i'm around

* Then she
sees him kissing another girl or he makes up excuses not going date often

* She breaks

* I wipe out
her tears, tell her that he is bastard. (Actually this article was "GO AND
KILL HIM" but after seeing my angel begging me not to keep punching him
and told me not to interfere or else never see her again so i had to change

* At the and
he tells her lies and she chooses to believe him

Then we are
starts over again...

I knew i
shouldn't let him made Angela upset but the only thing I could do, make her
laugh and tell her everythings gonna be alright while she was crying. You have
right to ask me 'all this time why didn't tell her that you fall in love her at
the first sight?' But how could i do? While her heart has no space for
me, how could i ask her to love me? Stay with me forever? Anyway I'm happy like
this, at least still i have her...

arasso! I'm coming!" Suddenly she grabbed my hand and dragged me to
the stairs.

With that
tightly held I shuddered. It felt different from previous. I touched her hands
before, it wasn't something new for me but the 'feeling' at that moment..
like... i felt her irregular heartbeats, sweaty hands, holding me like she will
never let me go... If my angel wanted me to go I couldn't even just one step
further from her.

She left my
hands in front of the class door. 'Wae, Why are you guys looking? We are NOT
doing anything!' Angela sat down on her seat without looking at me and i
followed her. A few minutes later Mr Kim -our classroom teacher- came in with
his hands full. He always looks so energetic and happily but i've never seen
this man low-spirited. What's happening to everyone?

Mr Kim:
"Hey yo, What's up guys? Are you OK?" -he was also our english
teacher, what a headache-

"Ne~~" we said in unison.

Mr Kim:
"Ah! When you all grow up so much? All of you were tiny tainy little kids
-Uhm sorry Dong-hee sshi ". He giggled. 'Yah! What if Dongie got a bit
more weight!? Don't mess with him' it really annoyed me.

were given to the owners one by one. I can't belive they also gave me one, too.

Mr Kim:
"I won't give you a long speech but let me say my last words. We had very
precious moments and share happy memories together. I wish, you guys will have
wondeful future. Everyone had blossomed perfectly. And now, time to say
goodbye.. Congratulations, you all have graduated from highschool!"

Thanks a lot
Mr Kim, you've successfully ruined the atmosphere! Now, everyone got teary eyes
-even that robotic girl with glasses. But no. Not my angel, not this moment.
Don't cry, jebal... Her hads were shaking and her cheeks became red, i knew she
was holding herself not to cry here. I wanted to pull her myself and embrace. I
wanted to say, whenever you want say i'll always be there for you. Then bell
ring was heard and students separeted to the schoolyard.

At 5pm i
went their house to fetch her to the prom. Her mother opened the door,
"Oh, honey it's Donghae! Aigoo you look so handsome."

Mrs Park." i bowed 90 degrees with a smile on my face and she appeared at
the door. I was frozen that i couldn't say a word. She was so beautiful;
strapless puffy white dress on the knee, golden heels and golden pins to tie her
hair up.

"You fish! I've been waiting for you and i was started to think you went
prom with another beauty."

"N-naega? With someone else? Nobody but my angel." I told like
faithful servant.

"Your what? What did you just call me, 'angel' ?"

"No, i mean -uhm Angel-A i said Angela." Oh GOD what's
happening to me!?

Mrs Park:
"Omo are you two still here. Don't you want to go to the prom?" her
mom came to the etrance.

"Omma we're going now. C'mon fishy kaja kaja!"

Mrs Park:
"Donghae take care of my mischievous daugther, ne~"

"Don't worry Mrs Park . See you later."

We headed
off to my car. I opened door for her and she sat front seat next to me.

"Where's he?" I tryied to control my voice.

"Nugu?" like she didn't care what i said.

"That pabo."

"Which one?" she was looking from the window.

"YA! Siwon. Choi Siwon. Did you understand now!"

"Wae, do you want me to go with him?"

"It's not because--"

"I'll meet him there."

And we
didn't speak until i parked the car. She didn't wait me to open door for her
and walked away. I ran after her and saw Siwon at the gate. That smug guy with
black suit.

you look gorgeous like always. I was wondering where were you." I wanted
to punch his face to erase that smirk. He held her hands and pulled her to the
saloon. "Thanks for driving my girl." He winked at me.

WHAT THE ..... AND WINK? !!' I looked at my angel's eyes but she turned her
head and left me there all alone. Did one invisible man just kicked my stomach?
I felt like dying, i couldn't breath. I was drowning that i pulled away my tie
and leaned against the stone wall.

"Oppa gwenchanayo?"

"Who's there?" my throat hurt, the words cracked out of my mouth.

"It's me, Sulli. You look pale, what happend?" she was worried.

"Nothing, i'm fine. And you look grown up." i tried to smile.
"Where is your brother?"

"It's really nice to see you, too!" she hasn't changed at all, still
the same as our childhood. "He is waiting for Hyosung noona at the
gate." ended up with an offended voice.

Me: "By
any chance.. Does that little lady give me the honour of being her partner

"Of course she does!" she smiled like a little child's favorite toy
has given. It also made me feel much better to see her happy.

"Kaja~" then she reached for my arm.

A huge
banner welcomed us, 'Congratulations Class of 2002' below it smaller punto with
'follow your dreams'. There were so many people. The crowd made me dizzy that i
couldn't get used to the bright lights. Wherever i looked i saw couples around
the tables. Some of them were dancing on the piste, some of them were
talking(?) at the balcony.

gonna get something to drink for us." i said and she nodded.

I walked
right into the coctail bar and took a glass of punch. My eyes searched Angela
like crazy but i was so crowded that i couldn't find her. Then i saw my angel..
-with her beloved(!) boyfriend. They were sitting at the corner of saloon
-together, hand in hand... I felt all the muscles contraction on my body. I was

Suddenly i
heard a worried voice close to me, "O-oppa you're bleeding!". I felt
pain. Sulli grabbed my hand, opened my palm then pieces of broken glass fell
down . "W-why why did you do this? Let's go, we should clean this or else
it'll get infection." I was drowning on my mind with thoughts. For just a
moment i turned back and my angel were looking at me but Sulli drag me to the
somewhere i didn't know.

"Oh lucky, they are not deep cuts."

"There is no need to worry. I'm alright." I took my hand back.

"No! You need a bandage-"

Me: "I
said I'M OK. Leave me alone."

She didn't
say any word just walked away -with teary eyes? I didn't want to be that harsh
but i couldn't control my voice. I felt sorry for her so i chased after Sulli.
When i entered the ballroom, accompanied by the dim lights a romantic
song was playing. I envied the dancing couples. I've always dreamed of this. My
angel in my arms...

i turned my head to the corner where i've seen her before. There was nobody.
But i saw someones at the balcony -they were quarreling. I walked toward them,
then i heard what they were talking.

"It's enought, i don't want it anymore!" it was a girl voice.

[??]: "What's
the matter with you?! You can't break up with me!"

"She said she doesn't want you anymore."

"Oh really. So, does she want you? Can't you understand your
feelings unrequited?" he glanced at me.

"Shut up or else i'll do it for you!" my voice cracked.

"You are pitiful."

"Don't talk to Donghae like this because of me." she scolded him.

With a quick
move I held her hands "Come with me." and i took a step.

"She doesn't know that you love her?" he laughed. I shocked that i
couldn't move.

"Ya! What are you talk--"

"Wae? Didn't you understand it all this time? He is really stupid, even
once he came and begged me for not to make you cry. Isn't it ironic?" he
was playing with me.

I wanted to
stop him but the only thing I did was run away. I ran until i couldn't breath.
I didn't know where was I. It took a few minutes to realize that my feet
brought me to the central park entrace. I sat on the swing. The red one was Angela's
and the blue one was mine... We had always been sitting here next to each
other. If i could forget all those memeries...

I saw a
shadow in front of me -a pair of bare feet. I lifted up my head and It was my
angel. She was out of breath and holding shoes in her hands. Her cheeks had
turned into red beause of cold.

"What are doing on here?" i took off my jacket and put her shoulder.
She looked right into my eyes. "You look like an angel..." i lowered
my voice at the end. She was reminding an angel without wings. With her untidy
hair and white dress...

"Why... -she took a deep breath- Why didn't tell me anything?" she

"Tell you what? Tell you that i love you?" i laughed so i started to
think I've gone crazy.

"But since when?" she groaned, "I've never thought you might
like me as a girl... I mean there is a lot of girl likes you and they said you
don't like anyone -umm because of your ex-girl friend, the one who dumped you
right before highschool entrance ceremony so-- Ouw i should've never told
them, I'm sorry..." she bowed her head down.

"Don't be. It wasn't big deal, she's been already foolin 'me and -uhmm.
But the reason why i did not interested in any girls was I already had someone
i love..."

Donghae - My

Her eyes
became wet and i saw tears falling on her cheeks . "My angel, look at
me..." calling her softly like this made my heart beat faster, i
cleared my throat and go ahead "I swear I didn't want to make
you sad, please don't cry." I clenched my fists. " Forgive me.. I
shouldn’t be thinking like this, i know the place that i should have. So
i'm sorry for not being able to stop my heart beats when you're sleeping on my
shoulder, not being able to stop loving you coz whenever i've seen your simle I
fell in love with you one more time, and not saying a word all this time but
just watching you sliently. I thought these things so many time... Promise, i
will erase you on my mind. I'll be stay as your best friend, forever. "
she started to cry out loud..

'But it
hurts so much... I want to be with you, to tell you everyday while looking at
your eyes that i'm madly in love with you. Hug you more then being just a
friend. This is not just a simple affection. You're somehow drug to me, only
you keep me alive. The scent of you like oxygen, with every single breath it
fills my heart.'

The things
are unsaid...

Kyuhyun -
Hope is a dream that doesn't sleep

I prayed for
never wake up from this dream, coz I have to stay by your side just as your
best friend. And now, you are leaving. I've never known there was a lot
of way to say goodbye...

I just have
to stay by your side.. Next to you.. Forever , My Angel...

You're My Endless Love Clip_image001

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be blissful be joyous
be glad & be you.
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